Trucare has an extensive portfolio of international licenses from illustrious and globally-reputed brands that are at the top of the game in their fields. We offer a wide range of first-rate fashion apparel and accessories from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, Marvel, Universe and other universally reputed children’s accessories brands for the Middle Eastern market.

Our highly expert team has a great understanding of the regional demands of products based on popular culture, and we are therefore able to guarantee all our business partners the

best of the best. By bringing the most demanded items by the world’s leading kids’ accessories brands right to local retail stores in the UAE, not only do we help you gain customers and success in your business, but also ensure that every kid who walks into your store leaves with a bag full of quality items straight out of the fantasy world they love!



Need flashy, striking and attention-grabbing items that will draw customers right into your store? Look no further, Trucare’s got your back! Our exclusive range of distinctive, diverse and head-turning impulse fashion products are bound to spark interest in anyone who walks in through your doors! Displaying fun, trendy items at cash counters to lure in customers is an age-old business technique, but with Trucare’s special, licensed impulse range, this method will yield results like never before.


Wallets, key chains, socks, gloves, masks or caps – you name it, we have it! Trucare fashion accessories range is vast and expansive, with licensed products from the world’s finest children’s accessories brands. 

At Trucare, we understand that simply donning on an outfit isn’t enough – all children need that glittery wallet, those dope sunglasses, or rainbow splashed barrettes to amp up their daily look! With our tasteful accessories and kids’ items that are all the rage in the Middle Eastern fashion game, your kid customers can walk around looking as if they are heading straight for the runway!