Back To School


Back To School

Worn-out bags, stubby pencils, and an entirely new school year just around the corner – back-to-school time certainly makes for a booming stationery and school supplies business. With a flurry of excited children lining up outside your store doors with long shopping lists in hand, the responsibility lands on you to make sure your store is well-supplied with all kinds of stationery items! But you don’t need to do it all alone- Trucare is here to help!

Trucare prides itself on being the finest and most reliable kid’s products distributor in the Middle East, and our extensive back-to-school supplies range is specially designed to meet every student’s needs. Having been in this business for over 14 years, our team has an in-depth understanding of the requirements of students at this time, enabling us to provide you with highly-demanded stationery items of world-class star quality and extensive variety. Partnering with Trucare guarantees you a productive business, sold-out stationery shelves, and of course, eager students flocking in and out of your store doors!


Be it backpacks, knapsacks or the good old trolley-bags, stationery shopping is incomplete without these essential back-to-school items! Stationery stores looking to have a profitable business in back-to-school time must display Trucare’s wide selection of cool kid’s bags and backpacks with cute, colorful designs on their store windows. Not only are our bags brightly colored, decorated with iconic cartoon characters, and stamped with eye-catching motifs, but are also lightweight, comfortable, durable and licensed by some of the best school supplies brands in the world.


Heading back-to-school without a leather pouch full of brand new pencils, fresh erasers, and glittery pens? Trucare thinks not! We believe every child in the Middle East deserves to start their new school year loaded with first-rate, pristine stationery supplies, emblazoned with some iconic brand mascots and superheroes. Our extensive variety of branded, high-quality and much sought-after stationery products are distributed while keeping the unique needs of children in mind. Whether your little customers walk in to buy their beloved hero-themed merch, or simply to grab some essential knick-knacks for school, we guarantee that their hearts (and also shopping bags) will be full when walking out!


Stationery and bags are all important, but nothing says back-to-school more than a lunchbox full of delicious goodies prepared the night before! Apart from meeting all stationery and school supplies needs of students in the Middle East, we also cater to their lunchtime demands! Trucare offers an extensive assortment of back-to-school canteen products from leading international brands and licensed products to retail stores across the Middle East. From leak-proof lunchboxes to princess-themed water canteens and more, we deal in and distribute an excellent collection of top-rated products for kids to whip out at lunchtime – and watch as their peers turn green with envy!


Whether to jot down homework to-do lists, channel-hidden journaling skills, or pour out inner secrets and lock them up- diaries are a must-have back-to-school item for children. Trucare’s assortment of the finest range of glittery, hard-cover diaries, complete with printed pages (and even a matching pen on the side!) is cherished by students all over the region, and is bound to reel customers right into your store!