Kids Apparel

From everyday casual looks to season must-haves or closet staples, Trucare’s kid’s fashion line presents a truckload of fun styling options! With comfortable fabrics and unique patterns that your customers will undoubtedly double-take at, our children’s fashion apparel steals the spotlight in both quality and design. Whether parents walk into your store looking for safe casual clothing, all-out trendy outfits or a mix and match of both, we supply products for the laidback dresses, the trailblazers and even the in-betweens!

Our kid’s clothing range comprises hoodies and jogger sets, sweatshirts, jackets, nightwear, dresses, leggings and all other kinds of items that your young customers might be looking for. We offer a selection of all-rounder items such as pullover sweatshirts and hoodies at a great value, which parents can pair with other clothing to spice up their kid’s daily outfits.

Due to their cozy materials, adorable graphics and classic brand mascots, our products stand out on any store shelves. With dark wintery blues, bright oranges for fall, and a large pastel palette for summertime, Trucare provides top-notch items for all seasons, and our kid’s apparel is always a hit amongst parents and children in the Middle East.